Parents who are uncomfortable with the thought of sending their children back to school, or are unsure, are encouraged to participate in a survey sponsored by the Nordonia Hills City School district.

The survey can be found online at

"It will likely be some time before we know what school will look like in the fall," said Superintendent Joe Clark. "It could be all students return together; it could be all students are still assigned to home; and it could be that students return on some sort of partial week schedule. We are sensitive to the challenges for childcare caused by students not being in school, and we hope we can be together. However, the model we run will be molded by regulations from the governor’s office and public health officials."

The survey designed to help the district identify families who will not be comfortable sending their children back to school this fall, even if schools are open full-time or partially, Clark said. The survey must be completed by June 3.

"This information will help us plan accommodations for those families," Clark said. "We would like to prepare for a ‘worst case scenario,’ so if you are on the fence about this decision, please take the survey as well. The final question asks what would it take for you to feel comfortable sending your children back to school. Please understand this survey is for planning purposes only. Responding to the survey does not commit you to keeping your children home. Nor will the results of this survey impact what sort of model we run for all other children."