Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Identity theft

Money taken from account: A Brewster Drive man reported May 19 that someone used his personal information to transfer $100 from his checking account.


Noise heard in basement: A Woodacre Drive woman reported hearing a noise in her basement late in the evening May 15. Police said they checked the home, but did not find anything suspicious.

Plants seen being taken: Police said that after a passerby reported seeing some people taking plans from Darrow Road Park during the afternoon May 13, police were told by city employees that the people had permission to take the plants.

Someone believed in garage: Police said that after a St. Regis Boulevard woman reported she believed someone was in her garage during the late morning May 12, they did not find any cause for concern.

Tips Line

The Hudson Police Department’s Tips Line provides a confidential avenue for individuals to report criminal or suspected criminal activity.

The Tips Line is not a substitute for the immediate reporting of events or situations in progress that require an immediate police response.

To call the Tips Line, phone 330-342-1820.