STOW – Athletes may begin to feel like a part of a team as conditioning and skills resume this summer for fall sports.

Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools Athletic Director Cyle Feldman said he is meeting with coaches and reviewing protocols and guidelines for team practices, which can begin June 1.

School teams which are not in their season, such as golf, soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, tennis and cross country, will meet for conditioning and practicing skills.

Outside organizations like youth baseball and softball, must sign a waiver for using a school facility. There are 16 fields in the school district.

"Summer is their important time," Feldman said. "A lot of groups use our facilities and we’re making sure to communicate with them."

The guidelines will go through three phases that last two weeks each, and if there is no incident of a player becoming sick with COVID-19, they advance to the next phase.

Other rules include players answering a series of questions; bringing their own equipment and water; and maintaining distances.

The ratio is eight players to one coach in phase one for both indoor and outdoor facilities. After two weeks, in phase two, the ratio is one to nine for indoor sports and one to 50 for outdoor sports. By phase three, the ratio is one to 50 for both.

For example, the girls’ basketball coach will have three sessions where eight girls meet for 50 minutes each. Those girls in each group will be kept together. If no one becomes ill, they advance to Phase Two.

"There are a lot of moving parts but we think we’re organized enough and communicating to succeed," Feldman said.

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