In the Hub-Times story about the legal battle over the failed Phase II project, Hudson’s communications director, Jody Roberts, reportedly stated that city council has not discussed the future of the Phase II project since the city’s announcement in late March. Yet, on May 12, there was a motion for City Council to move into Executive Session to discuss a real estate matter.

For almost two years now, moving into executive session to discuss a real estate matter has largely been code for Phase II. I would call on the city administration or members of Hudson City Council to publicly state there was no discussion about Phase II during that executive session, if that truly was the case.

Furthermore, the article states that Testa Companies are asking for the city to return all of Testa’s plans and work products.

Phase II has been rejected by voters twice, once during the advisory election in May 2019, and once during the municipal elections in November 2019. The city administration still seems to ignore the fact that every single candidate opposed to Phase II was elected to office last year, except in Ward 1. Even in Ward 1, the epicenter of Phase II, the pro-Phase II candidate only won 40% of the vote, and got elected because of a split in the vote by three other candidates.

Why should the city continue to spend taxpayer dollars to defend themselves from a potential lawsuit over plans that the people have rejected again and again?

Roy Marschke, Hudson