MACEDONIA — The city’s police chief is facing disciplinary action, but details as to the reason and what that action is were not immediately available.

In the May 19 Macedonia Mayor's Report program on Community Focus, Mayor Nick Molnar said "there's a pending matter for discipline with the police chief," in a response to a question by host Mary Kidd.

Molnar said Golden "has appealed the decision that was made," and declined to elaborate further, on the advice of the city's law director.

Law Director Mark Guidetti declined to comment Friday.

"There’s a pending matter involving Chief Golden but the city won’t comment or won’t have a comment because it’s still pending," said Guidetti.

Golden said Friday that his attorney has advised him not to comment.

Public records pertaining to the matter were not immediately available.

Guidetti said Golden is not on administrative leave and he has appealed the matter, but it is uncertain how long that will take.

"Because of the pandemic, obviously things are a little bit delayed," he said.

According to the city’s codified ordinances, disciplinary action against an employee is preceded by an "inquiry" into the matter.

If a decision is made to move forward with discipline, "employees who are suspended, demoted, laid off, or dismissed shall be given written notice of the reason for the action and a copy thereof shall be forwarded to the Mayor for approval or disapproval and shall be made a part of the employee's personal history record. They shall also have the right to appeal to [City] Council if they feel subject to unfair practices."

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