An open letter to Hudson: Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

I've been heart-broken for all the rite of passage things this year's senior class missed out on. This list is different to each senior.

For my senior, the fall play made states this year (first time ever for Hudson), the big band/choir trip to Disney, Spring Break, spring musical, award nights, Prom, After Prom, all the spring sports and their chances to earn a right to compete at the state level, and of course graduation, all cancelled.

What the high school did Wednesday night - "Be the Light" - with the drive-through at the high school was tremendous. All the teachers, the counselors, the administrators, the coaches, the local fire, EMS and police, the homemade signs, the cowbells, the noise makers, the banners, all made personally by the adults willing to line up to say congratulations and cheer, it was amazing.

But what made my heart just burst were all the residents along the way. There were families out with their younger kids, they had signs too, they had pots and pans, and they cheered. Adults who may not have kids at home, they were out too. The support was overwhelmingly heart-warming. What a wonderful community we have. It's still sad so many things were lost this year. But for the show of support from the school and the community, thank you. Amazing. Thank you for being the light! Truly amazing. An ever-grateful mom,

Gemma Carson, Hudson