Just a brief review of American history can attest to the great displays of unity in times of crisis.

The American colonies were vastly different in their compositions as they were varying in things such as customs and mannerisms, demonstrating little resemblance to one another. Against all odds, they stood together and acquired independence following their common strife with the crown. John Adams described their ability to band together as "a standing miracle."

Americans stuck together in times of depression and war, maintaining resilience that has allowed for the values of freedom and democracy to continue to thrive. In September of 2001, bipartisanship flourished as Americans put ideologies aside, coming together as a united front in a time where unity was paramount.

Unfortunately, partisan leaders and demagogues have seemingly suffocated any sign of unity as we attempt to handle the current crisis at hand. Those who voice concerns over a crippled economy are deemed as heartless. Conversely, anyone in favor of perpetual lockdowns is portrayed as ignorant to members of the community who are struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table. This divisiveness must come to an end.

Attacking one’s opposition, regardless of their perspective, provides no solutions. The fact is that Ohio and America are slowly beginning to reopen. Although this was both necessary and inevitable, we must not let our ideologies get in the way of our common identity as Americans. We can discuss these matters like adults and go about this process in a pragmatic and united fashion. Let us put aside red and blue and come together in red, white, and blue.

Dave Meredith, Aurora