Twinsburg City Council is considering increasing property owners tax obligations by 4.9 mills. With record unemployment currently over 20 homes in the city are in foreclosure. It is getting to the point where government is taxing us out of our homes.

They want to ease the financial burden on the city due to the COVID-19. What about the financial burden on its citizens? Gas prices and grocery prices are up, and many are unemployed. Major corporations’ staff are taking salary cuts, reducing spending etc. Why cannot our city look at other options instead of raising taxes?

How much money have we spent on the golf course and restaurant? How about looking to sell both, which many other cities have done?

No, we will just raise taxes and continually subsidize Gleneagles yearly from the general fund. Also, this is just the start. The schools and library will probably put issues on future ballots to make up for the loss of revenue due to COVID-19. Many of the residents are seniors on a fixed income. You can only squeeze so much water out of a dry sponge!

Craig McIntyre, Twinsburg