Appraisers with the Summit County Fiscal Office are in Cuyahoga Falls, Silver Lake, Munroe Falls, Stow, and Tallmadge this week to perform new construction evaluations.

Summit County Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise CPA, CFE  announced that the Real Estate Department’s appraisers are ahead of schedule on these evaluations.

During the evaluations, appraisers will physically visit and assign values to all newly constructed and altered property in Summit County. The project began on May 11 in the northern part of the county and will move south, concluding in the city of Green in July.

Scalise said it is important for residents to be aware that appraisers are in their community. Appraisers can be identified by their identification badge, yellow safety vest printed with the county name, and a car marked with the official placard of the Fiscal Office. They will not enter homes or other structures. Site visits will be conducted on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, county appraisers will practice safe social distancing and be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). When visiting a property, the appraisers will knock on the front door to inform the property owner that they are performing an evaluation. Property owners do not need to answer the door, unless they would like to speak with the appraiser. During all in-person conversations, appraisers have been instructed to stand at least 6 feet from the other person. If no one is home during their evaluation, the appraisers will leave a door hanger to notify owners of their visit.

For more information about property appraisal, call the Appraisal Department at 330- 643-2710, email, or visit