Tallmadge Chiropractic will participate in ChiroCares Giving Back Day on May 19. Through this initiative, Tallmadge Chiropractic, The Ohio State Chiropractic Association, and Chiropractic State Associations across the nation, along with their members, are encouraged to organize and participate in different efforts that give back to their local communities during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

‘We find it imperative to work with community members to strengthen and build local relationships. The National ChiroCares Giving Back Day embodies the mindset that chiropractors are more than healthcare providers and also strive to fulfill a commitment to help those with basic needs," states Dr. Amanda Krkic. She continues, "Let’s work together to strengthen and rebuild our communities, while enhancing healthcare and quality of life for those who are in need."

To help boost positivity, compassion and general well-being in the local community, Tallmadge Chiropractic will be hosting a Canned Food Drive on May 19-26 in honor of ChiroCares 2020. All proceeds will be donated to Tallmadge Rotary Club and distributed by Dare to Share to the local community.

To participate in the event, you can drop off donations at Tallmadge Chiropractic located on 168 East Ave, Tallmadge. List of items that recommended are canned beans, canned vegetables, canned meat, breakfast cereal, snacks, trail mix, and pasta.

Dr. Krkic states, "We are honored to give back to a community that has given us so much throughout the years. Everyone is invited to join us on May 19 to provide a brighter future for our Tallmadge neighbors. Thank you for joining us! We look forward to having you join this effort."

For more information, call 330-633-1909