It is often pointed out that saying or advertising Happy Memorial Day is being disrespectful.

Equally disturbing are the comments that Memorial Day is the official start of summer or a big sale day in stores.

Ask a widow, widower, parent or child at a grave site and I don’t think they will say they are happy or excited that summer has begun or looking forward to shopping.

Many people don’t even know the meaning of the three major military days. Armed Forces Day is the third Saturday in May. It is to honor Americans serving in the five military branches.

Memorial Day (previously called Decoration Day) is the last Monday in May. It is remembering and honoring military personnel who died while serving in the Armed Forces.

Veterans Day is annually on Nov. 11. It is honoring military veterans who have served in the Armed Forces.

I am happy on Memorial Day. I am happy to be alive today because of the men and women that gave their lives so that I can enjoy the freedom I have today. And on Memorial Day I say a prayer for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day.

Peter Loal, Hudson