MACEDONIA — The city’s planning commission recently approved a final site plan for McAlister’s Deli to be located in the Macedonia Commons parking lot along Route 82, just east of Ohio Savings, and also OK’d a conditional zoning certificate and preliminary site plan for CLEanLand Car Wash LLC to be located on South Freeway Drive.

James Martynowski of Osborne Capital Group said the firm plans to erect a 6,354-square-foot structure, which would be leased to McAlister’s Deli. The building will have inside seating and a drive-up pick-up window. The eatery will be open for lunch and dinner but not breakfast.

Orders could be either called in or made online, then picked up at the window. The building would be situated on about a 30,000-square-foot lot, with parking shared with surrounding Macedonia Commons tenants.

McAlister’s is a chain founded in 1989 in Oxford, Miss. with more than 415 franchised locations in 30 states. It specializes in sandwiches, potatoes, salads, desserts and sweet tea. There are 10 locations in Ohio, with the North Olmsted site being the only one in Northeast Ohio.

Martynowski said Osborne Capital Group originally had planned to sell an outlot to McAlister’s, but an agreement has been reached to lease it instead. City planner Brian Frantz said if the building is eventually sold to the tenant, the planning panel would have to approve a lot split.

Frantz said Osborne has addressed all the major site issues, and only a handful of issues still must be dealt with on an administrative basis. "The revised plans look much better than what was originally proposed," he said.

City Building Director Nino Monaco added, "Much hard work has been done on this project, and great improvements have been made."

Meanwhile, Pete Granson of Brecksville is planning to build the car wash on a football-shaped parcel between South Freeway Drive and the northbound entrance ramp onto Interstate 271.

Tony Cerny of Architectural Design Studios said the car wash will be a 120-foot long tunnel style design with Western Reserve architectural characteristics. Vacuum bays will face South Freeway Drive.

Frantz said the site is in a split zoning district, but the board of zoning appeals has favored placing it into a B-1 convenience business district, where a car wash is a conditional use.

He further pointed out the architects have made color and architectural changes to the proposed building, and three setback variances and one relating to the location of a dumpster still are needed from the board of zoning appeals.

Frantz said some lighting and landscaping issues around the property also need to be addressed before final site plan approval. Plans are for the business to be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Finally, planning panelists gave the go-ahead for CMH Investments Properties to allow a temporary work trailer to be located outside a building it owns at 573 E. Highland Road.

Mike Midagliotti of CMH Investments Properties said the company is renovating a portion of the building to house a future tenant, and the 720-square-foot trailer would accommodate about six to eight of the tenant’s employees until the permanent quarters are completed, at which time more workers would occupy the permanent space.

Mayor Nick Molnar said he was unhappy that the trailer already had been placed on the property without approval of city officials, and that several issues at the site hadn’t been addressed.

But Midagliotti said most of the issues Molnar cited, such as obtaining sign and building permits, have been taken care of, and the renovation work in the multi-tenant building should be completed by June 30, at which time the trailer can be removed.

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