In a time of uncertainty, First Congregational Church of Hudson is encouraging the spread of kindness. Outside of the church’s building at 47 Aurora Street, a large angel wings mural has been constructed.

"With all this time at home, I wanted to invite everyone to really try on the practice of kindness," says the Rev. Dr. Peter Wiley, Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church of Hudson. "Being genuinely kind to those who are near and finding ways to be compassionate to those who are not so close. If we do this the whole time we are home-bound, it will become part of our beings."

The wings mural symbolizes how that kindness can have a ripple effect– and can take flight throughout our community. Everyone is invited to stop by and take pictures standing in front of the wings, while of course adhering to social distancing guidelines.

"Post your photos to social media as a commitment to seek to live in kindness," says Rev. Wiley. "Real kindness leads to profound love – it is true, #Kindnesshaswings. We just need to embrace it."

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