A recent writer to the Hudson Hub-Times claims that a certain leader "fails to see the humanitarian aspect" of a call to reopen Ohio, another infers that this particular woman’s "real sympathies [do not] lie ... with the health and safety of Ohio’s citizens" and yet a third "suspect[s]" that this leader’s "sense of urgency to reopen Ohio ... comes more from her corporate donors". All three of these individuals not only misrepresent State Rep. Kristina Roegner (I’m an eyewitness to her generosity and care for others), they fail to consider the implications of their myopic desire to continue to keep Ohio closed.

They don’t provide answers to the single mothers I know who’ve lost their jobs because of COVID-19: How exactly does the state staying closed feed their children? They don’t deliver a viable solution for workers I know who’ve taken 10% to 50% pay cuts, or mandatory leaves without pay, or who have completely lost their jobs.

Ironically, one of the above writers referred to admitted that the $1,200 stimulus money is not enough for "everyday workers" and yet still wants to keep the economy closed? These writers may not like it but getting the economy up and running again is a vital, comprehensive, kind and compassionate solution for all that will help us to recover from the effects of this virus. We need leaders like Rep. Roegner to continue to move us in that direction and I look forward to re-electing her in 2022.

Brett Flenniken, Hudson