TWINSBURG — High school seniors and their families can view their graduation video at a local drive-in movie theater.

Twinsburg Superintendent Kathryn Powers said that on May 31, the virtual Commencement ceremony video will be shown Midway Drive-In Theater on Route 59 in Ravenna, starting at 9 p.m.

"Each family of a graduate will receive a ticket to join us in their family vehicle to enjoy the video together," Powers said in a statement sent to families on April 29. "Although we will be separated by the space restrictions of social distancing, we will all be together at the theater to enjoy the video and to celebrate with our graduates. Each family will receive a ticket to the event at Midway Drive-In Theater through the US Mail. We hope to have the tickets mailed by the end of next week. Additional details about this event will be included with the ticket."

Only one vehicle per family will be permitted due to space restrictions, Powers said. For family who cannot attend, Community Focus, formerly Cable 9, have agreed to livestream the Commencement video on that day and time on the Additionally, Community Focus will broadcast the Twinsburg High School virtual commencement ceremony video on Spectrum Cable 1021 that evening.

As of now, the district is still reserving its two alternate summer dates for graduation at E.J. Thomas Hall in Akron, "just in the remote chance that something changes and we can actually hold a more traditional ceremony," Powers said. Prom, too, still might take place on one of the alternate dates, she added.

The commencement ceremonies at E.J. Thomas had been planned for May 31, but the facility announced earlier in April it was canceling all scheduled May events due to the pandemic. The alternate dates for graduation are June 28 and July 12.

Prom is still scheduled for May 29 at Signature of Solon.