In the city of Stow, voters in Tuesday’s primary election overwhelmingly approved two charter amendments.

By an unofficial count of 3,716 to 735, voters approved Issue 2, which will change the charter to say that two-thirds of city council must approve placing each of the charter review commission’s proposed amendments on an election ballot. Currently, the amendments suggested by a charter review commission are automatically placed on an election ballot. Council said that in the past city law directors gave different interpretations of the charter and this amendment would make it clear that only amendments approved by council would go on the ballot.

By an unofficial tally of 3,643 to 949, Stow voters backed Issue 3, which amends the charter to now say that any Stow resident who meets the charter’s qualifications to serve as mayor may be appointed by council when the mayor steps down before his/her term is completed. The current charter requires council to select one of its own members to serve in an interim role until a successor is elected at the next general or special election.The proposal to change how council appoints a new mayor when there is a vacancy was a result of former Mayor Sara Kline resigning in May 2018 and council having a difficult time finding a replacement.