HUDSON — The police chief said residents are doing a "good job" adhering to the Stay At Home order issued last month by Gov. Mike DeWine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We know this has been a difficult time for many and appreciate all the support and cooperation we have received from our community," said Hudson Police Chief Perry Tabak

Since DeWine issued the order, Tabak said his department has received about 25 COVID-19-related complaints, but no citations have been issued.

"We certainly have the authority to charge people but it’s not our goal to do so," added Tabak.

When police have responded to social distancing complaints, Tabak said his officers have asked for and received compliance from the people involved.

"[Officers] made contact and people dispersed and complied," said Tabak.

The chief said complaints about businesses were referred to Summit County Public Health, and added his officers responded to some complaints that were found to not be in violation of any orders or restrictions.

If his department issued a citation, Tabak said it would be for violating a state law which requires compliance with a rule or order of the state health director or state health department. The offense is a second-degree misdemeanor.

While noting it is a resident’s "personal choice" to lodge a complaint, Tabak emphasized that he wants residents to notify police about "egregious conduct and/or violations that are causing health risks in the community."

If people want to make a COVID-19-related complaint, the chief said that, for the most part, people should call the department’s non-emergency number at 330-342-1800.

Reporter Phil Keren can be reached at 330-541-9421,, or on Twitter at @keren_phil.