Hudson's "preferred" trash hauler Republic announced on March 30 that it will temporarily stop collecting recycling from customers and instead will dump recycling bin contents into the trash truck for disposal at the landfill. The reason given by Republic is "to try to reduce the amount of employee contact with potentially contaminated materials to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread."

The city of Hudson's website gives a similar statement. but adds "The industry has ended recycling because of the hand sorting needed. We are not aware of other recycling options at this time."

I called Republic customer service and was advised this was not known to them and that no suspension of recycling was ordered by the company. So, this appears to be a decision made locally only by our Republic office.

I called the city and filed a complaint and was told someone would call me back to discuss. I have not yet received a call from the city or Republic management.

I called the largest regional recycling processing plant run by Waste Management and was told they are operating business as usual, and Waste Management is collecting recycling.

I also see AA and others collecting recycling. I am distraught that both the city and Republic have such a careless attitude toward environmental responsibility. There are many businesses that are open that I believe are far less essential than recycling. The industry has not ended recycling.

Our city leaders should be ashamed of themselves. Please vote with your dollars, and change haulers like I will. Please also call our city and voice your concern for failing to provide leadership on this issue.

Ken Nadsady, Hudson