I have just read State Sen. Kristina Roegner's guest column, "Time for Ohio to open for business," and I think that it is dangerous for a state senator to urge the good people of Ohio to risk dying to open our businesses because:

1. She categorizes the president's three-phase plan as "Heartening", but obviously isn't taking it to heart because in the same paragraph she calls for areas of low transmission to open up "even before May 1." The phase 1 plan of the federal government calls for a 14-day period of daily diminishing cases before starting to open up the economy. My hope is that she actually read the plan.

2. Sen. Roegner is the daughter of one of the most influential republican families in Summit County. During her days on the Hudson City Council, I remember whenever the council voted 6-1, the vote against was always the senator.

In other words, my impression was that she was there to try to keep Hudson from spending any money. That same theme occurs in her current letter when she worries about our national debt increasing because we allocated $2.5 trillion for stimulus.

Also, she is concerned that $600 extra in unemployment insurance "might provide a disincentive for some to return to work." Senator, I find that statement very distrustful of the people of Hudson.

3. Right next to her letter was an article from the "Cincinnati Enquirer" that called for science to decide when to open up our economy. I agree.

Gov. Mike DeWine — who I did not vote for but am extremely proud of and I would vote for when he runs for reelection, based on his handling of this crisis — is not calling for our economy to open up.

The "Cincinnati Enquirer" editorial cites Hong Kong’s example. At the beginning of March 2020, there were only 100 cases a day. They returned to normal life and by the end of March, the daily cases jumped to 715 a day. The government had to put in new restrictions.

David Traub, Hudson