Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Hudson —

COVID-19 complaints

Groups dispersed: Police said that during the first week of April, they dispersed various groups of people due to the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order.

Police said that after they responded to a complaint of a loud muffler in the area of North Main and Owen Brown streets at about 9:15 p.m. April 6, they found eight vehicles with younger drivers gathered together on the lower level of a parking deck. Police said they told the group that they needed to leave and waited while they did so. Police said they similarly dispersed a group if as many as 15 males who gathered for an impromptu car cruise in a parking deck in the area of First and Main Streets at about 5 p.m. April 4.

On April 5, police said they responded to a report of people screaming at Hudson High School at a little after 9 p.m. April 5 and found as many as eight girls, all identified as seniors at the school. Police said the group was using sidewalk chalk on the pavement to express their frustration over the pandemic. An officer said he told the girls he sympathized with them, but they would have to leave and they did.

Police said they responded to a report of people playing basketball in Cascade Park off Lynn Drive at about 6:30 p.m. April 4 and found six men playing. The men said they were all members of the same family, but they agreed to leave.

Police said that during the late afternoon, they found several people walking onto the course to play golf at the closed Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club off Bailey Road April 3. An officer said he contacted the men through his vehicle’s speaker and they left in their vehicles.


Man wanted to play golf: Police said that when they responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on Weeping Willow Drive at about 6:30 p.m. April 6, the driver told them that he was meeting friends to golf at the nearby Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club. Police said they told the man the golf course was closed due to the state’s stay-at-home order and he left.

Traffic complaint

Animals found on highway: Police said they briefly provide dtraffic control on Route 8 northbound while a dog and three coyotes that were struck and killed by vehicles in various locations on the highway were removed at about 2:30 a.m. April 4.

Tips Line

The Hudson Police Department’s Tips Line provides a confidential avenue for individuals to report criminal or suspected criminal activity.

The Tips Line is not a substitute for the immediate reporting of events or situations in progress that require an immediate police response.

To call the Tips Line, phone 330-342-1820.