In response to April 8 letters to the editor, ("Says president exhibited leadership in face of crisis"), if any people deserve credit, they are the governors, like Mike DeWine, who are the leaders in taking this crisis seriously.

They are the ones who have searched for ways to protect us and influenced the turnaround of members of the administration, finally and most significantly on Sunday, March 29. Administration designated medical experts have been refuted at nearly every turn. And the leader of our country continues his usual attacks in the midst of all of this.

The daily fireside chats begin with 15 minutes of bluster-sometimes sober reality and experts setting the record straight. The remaining time is dedicated to daily self-aggrandizing and finger pointing stump speeches for the general election. How much humanity is truly present? Where is the gratitude to the front line? When is the financial aid coming for those that need it?

It makes one wonder if this wasn’t a convenient purging of seniors and low-income earners for a delegate rack up. On April 8, Bernie Sanders showed what humanity is. How about our leader, with his eye on the stock markets?

Please don’t compare the president to Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln or raise him above other presidents like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. And thank God there are many state administrators and so many selfless Americans working together, along with other countries, helping us with this crisis, in spite of the administration’s inclination to isolate and decentralize.

Susan Swift, Hudson