TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP — Additional barriers are being installed in some areas that have seen numbers of people congregating, despite state and local orders not to gather in large groups due to the pandemic.

"While most residents have been cooperative in following public health orders and recommendations, some have not," Township Administrator Robert Kagler said. "The Sheriff’s office, consistent with the State order and County recommendation, has asked groups congregating in and using closed areas to disperse. The problem has persisted, however, so additional barriers are being installed to further discourage continuation of these non-permitted activities."

Although parks remain open to the public, the March 22 State order closed all public access playgrounds, baseball fields, and basketball courts. The township shortly thereafter followed a March 27 county recommendation to place caution tape around areas affected by the state order, Kagler said.

"The Board of Trustees understands and appreciates the hardships that residents – young and old alike – are experiencing due to restrictions imposed by public health orders and recommendations, but strongly urges all to adhere to and follow those orders and recommendations," Kagler said. "Doing so will not only protect the public health, safety, and general welfare, but also help the state, county, and community move quickly to a time when all restrictions can be lifted, and life can return to normal for all."