TALLMADGE – The 195 senior Tallmadge High School graduates will have to be patient to find out if they will have a traditional graduation or a creative ceremony.

Events scheduled for April have been lost, but if Gov. Mike DeWine allows students to go back to school May 1, they may be able to have events scheduled in May, said Tallmadge School District Superintendent Jeff Ferguson.

Seniors have a breakfast tentatively scheduled for May 25, graduation practice and panoramic picture May 26 and graduation on May 27, but if the social distancing continues, the district is looking at other plans, Ferguson said.

"We need to think about alternative plans," he said. "We’re planning remote learning programs as if that is how we’ll finish the year, but if we get back, that will be good news."

The schools booked graduation at EJ Thomas July 1 in case May’s events are canceled. The breakfast would be June 29 and practice and photo on June 30.

Prom, which was scheduled for May 5, has been rescheduled for June 12 at St. George in Copley with plans to have the promenade at the high school, Ferguson said.

"Some of the things will depend on large group gatherings," Ferguson said. "We are committed to giving these seniors the experience we are used to. We understand the horrific crisis we’re in with people losing jobs and their lives, but we also know in the school community family, senior activities are a culmination of 13 years of hard work and they are milestones in a student’s life."

Graduation is one of a student’s first big adult milestones, Ferguson said. Some other activities may not be realistic to reschedule, but the school district will try to reschedule the graduation event.

"If we’re able to have graduation, that’s a sure sign we’re on the other side of this crisis, but I’m a realist, and this crisis may be with us for a few months," Ferguson said.

If events are delayed, yearbooks, which are normally processed during the summer and distributed in the fall, may also be delayed for distribution in order to include photographs of those rescheduled events, he said. 

Go to the school website www.tallmdageschools.org for updates.

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