Northfield Center Township Administrator Steve Wright and township trustees are asking for residents' patience after having received a number of inquiries about the Natalie Drive fire water line installation.

Lucy Lane water was shut off for about 2 1/2 hours Wednesday, and is scheduled to be shut off again for a few hours Thursday, as part of the project.

"While we recognize the timing is not ideal, particularly given the current COVID-19 crisis we are all dealing with, this project has a very tight timeline," Wright explained.

"The water line must be installed before the township can begin its Springwood and Natalie road reconstruction project. We received $360,000 in Ohio Public Works Commission grant funding for the road project that has to be used by the end of July."

The project could take as long as eight weeks to complete.

"Do we wish the work could be done at a time that doesn’t coincide with an unanticipated pandemic? .... Absolutely," said Wright.

"Nonetheless, given the sequencing of projects that need to be completed, waiting until the stay at home order is lifted, whenever that may ultimately be, is simply not feasible.

"We appreciate your patience during this difficult and unique time as we attempt to continue making progress with vital projects that will enhance our community."

Wright said questions regarding the water line installation can be directed to Jeff Snell, fiscal officer for the North Hills Water District, at 216-288-5690.