Several Twinsburg Tigers and alumns, with piano teacher Azee Keen, have made a video of a musical production, "Children of the World – Uniting".

"This moving song is a song of hope in the words and photos of our students," said Superintendent Kathryn Powers said. "Singing the lead is Twinsburg High School Senior Regan Utrup."

The video can be found at

Other participating students include:

Samuel Bissell Elementary School: Patrick C., Owen K., Coraline M., & Luke M.

George G. Dodge Intermediate School: Arjun D., Arnav D., Reagan S., Joshua M.

RB Chamberlin Middle School: Roderick S., Julia D.

Twinsburg High School: Jacob D., Jessie G., Rainier S., Kiara D., Sammy G., Hannah M., Regan U.

Twinsburg High School Alum: Emily Chauvin, Nathan Moeliono, and Punita Peketi