Contrary to the opinion letter of a Hub-Times reader in April 1 edition, whose negative opinion of how the president was handling the crisis is factless.

President Trump quickly mobilized the private manufacturing sector, which stepped up to produce masks,ventilators, etc. in such a short time along with letting the governors run their states in this crisis. He gave them what they needed, for which some governors and mayors of major states and cities weren't prepared. The Obama/Biden administration did not leave adequate emergency supplies on hand, on which the main stream media will not elaborate .

He stopped the flights from China at the end of January along with curbing and then stopping European flights. This was critical to slow down the spread of this virus.

The simple guidelines outlined by VP Pence in social distancing, washing hands, etc. is to the point , easy to read and it’s working.

Thankful we have a president with business leadership who knows how to get things done rather than many politicians who promise a lot and deliver little.

Chas Lauria, Hudson