A writer in the April 1 Hub gives an excoriating review of President Donald Trump’s lack of leadership with regard to the COVID virus pandemic, suggesting that Trump should leave such matters to the "professionals".

The writer compares Trump to Winston Churchill asserting that, as President he does not exert the leadership character of Churchill, yet both have much in common: products of privileged backgrounds; formally educated; highly assertive personalities; cutting humor; both subject to scathing criticisms from their bureaucracies.

In early January, 2020: President Trump identified an uncertain viral threat from China — restricting travel from that country, assigned responsibility to his VP to co-ordinate actions on this matter, assembled the top medical and research minds, enlisted the cooperation of the private sector in manufacture and supply, assigned enhanced responsibility to FEMA and the military to build needed medical facilities, constructed and facilitated passage of bills to cover financial stress to business and related personal unemployment, identified and upgraded a supply chain that was insufficient to handle the needed volumes of required materials, conducts daily updates from key program professionals — allowing open-ended questioning by the press, all within a brief 90 day period.

This is leaderhip. The Governors of California and New York give the Trump effort high marks for its effectiveness.

The writer’s view of Donald Trump’s leadership is a rambling conjecture, emotional and lacking fact. I find his position intellectually naive.

Bill Dunn, Hudson