STOW — Work began on the sinkhole on Treeside Drive in Wyoga Lake Estates, said City Engineer Jim McCleary.

Heavy rain in March caused two sinkholes in a section of the road and under a sidewalk. The road is closed for repairs.

A detour sign is in place. Residents can use Wyoga Lake Road or Allen Road for access to the development.

"The water level has gone down so that beginning April 3 the emergency repair contractor will begin by removing part of a tree and debris that is lodged up against a sanitary sewer that runs through the culvert," McCleary said.

The debris lodged against the sanitary sewer and appears to be the cause of the loss of backfill material on both sides of the culvert, McCleary said. The crew will also clean up and remove broken asphalt, concrete, and debris on both sides of the culvert in preparation of installing Low Strength Mortar backfill material, he said.

This week any deteriorated asphalt will be removed and the asphalt roadway near the culvert will be replaced, he said. The goal is to have the roadway back open by the end of the week.

Preliminary findings look like the culvert made it through the 100 year storm without damage, McCleary said. Approximately 3 and one half inches of rain fell over the previous weekend and caused the sink hole.

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