The headline reads: "City Changes Direction of Downtown Phase II."

I was one of the 52% of Hudson voters in last May’s non-binding election who did not agree with the process or the configuration of this project, but had to reluctantly accept the subsequent 5 to 2 Council decision to proceed. Now, after many years of effort, many millions of dollars spent, and many hours of contentious community debates on this project, I believe that the people of Hudson deserve a complete explanation from the City Council and Administration as to what caused this "change", and what steps they will take to prevent a reoccurrence before they plow ahead.

I also believe that given the economic uncertainty we are experiencing today, it is a must to pause from any further investments or decisions affecting this project until we can evaluate the economic impact on the current and future tax revenue and commercial occupancy rate, and its effect on the current land usage plan.

The way this project has evolved, I, for one, have lost much confidence in our Council and Administration. As far as I am concerned, they have a credibility gap to overcome to convince the residents of Hudson to support their "change in direction." I hope that they will be open to new ideas and allow the residents to participate in defining a change that will serve the needs and wishes of the residents, and not only the developers.

Jeff Keil, Hudson