STOW — Small businesses and residents are doing their part to donate to safety forces and residents.

Integrity Auto owners Phil and Tina Evans donated personal protective equipment to the Stow Safety Center along with many others in response to a letter sent out by the Stow Safety Forces requesting N95 masks, surgical masks, dust masks, nitrile gloves, disposable surgical gowns and safety goggles.

Items can be donated at the Stow Safety Center, 3800 Darrow Road.

"Our company with several donations from our customers put together two cases of nitro gloves and N95 respirator masks," Phil Evans said. "Today [Monday] I’m going to get another two cases."

In addition to collecting items, Integrity Auto at 5026 Hudson Drive is delivering care packages of antibacterial soap and other items in a 6-mile radius of the shop.

"We’re open for business, but it’s slow," Phil said.

He is on the phone to 1,600 customers and asking if they need anything.

"We’re making sure our elderly customers at home have what they need," he said. "We’ve been doing this non-stop for a week and a half."

Phil and his wife also pick up medications when they have permission, provide water, gloves and masks as well as pick up groceries for the elderly.

"This is not a story about a little repair shop," Phil said. "This is about the community coming together."

Phil said he keeps running into people and organizations doing stuff for others.

"My heart went out to people who don’t have someone coming to their door," he said. "I’m thinking about you. Here’s the stuff you need."

More info is available on Facebook at Integrity Cares for SMF.

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