HUDSON – Roof work for two school buildings and light fixture work on multiple school buildings should start in the near future, as part of the district’s construction and renovation plans under its $81.5 million, 4.97-mill bond issue passed by voters in November 2017.

The Hudson School Board unanimously approved two separate contracts with Garland/DBS, based in Cleveland, to replace several sections of the roofs at East Woods Elementary and McDowell Elementary schools. The contract for McDowell is for $961,008, and for East Woods is just under $1.2 million.

Steve Marlow, director of business and operations, said he needed to confirm with the contractors but believed work would start in June.

"The price was less than what the estimate was for both," Marlow said. "Some of the sections of the roof are as old as 40 years old. These will come with a 30-year warranty."

The school board also unanimously approved a $909,720 contract with Energy Optimizers, USA, in Dayton, to retrofit and provide new lighting replacement fixtures at Ellsworth Hill, McDowell, East Woods and Hudson High School.

School Treasurer Phillip Butto said that the district can save money with the lighting improvements: utility savings could be in the neighborhood of $75,000 a year.

"This can save us a significant amount of money," Butto said.

With the renovations and the realignment of the grades at several of the schools, the school board approved renaming East Woods Elementary School to East Woods Intermediate School, effective at the start of the 2020-21 school year.

East Woods currently is used for the district’s fourth and fifth grade students. Once renovations and a planned two-story addition is complete, the district’s third graders also will go to East Woods.

Renovations for McDowell, which currently houses the districts third graders but will become the new pre-kindergarten and kindergarten building. Evamere Elementary School, which currently houses the district’s kindergarten and first-grade students, will eventually be decommissioned as a school building, downsized and renovated to create centralized administrative offices for the district and space for HCER. Ellsworth Hill, which currently serves the district’s preschool students and second graders, will become the building for Hudson’s first and second grade students.

Superintendent Phil Herman said that in the next school year, the districts third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students will go to the current middle school building, and the district’s sixth- through eighth-graders will go to the new middle school.

So far, the district’s construction and renovation projects were on time or ahead of schedule, and that crews were working at full capacity, Herman said. Delays could happen due to concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with items such as furniture.

The school board’s next facilities worksession is scheduled for May 21.

The school board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for April 6.

Reporter April Helms can be reached at 330-541-9423,, or @AprilKHelms_RPC