City officials will consider whether to reopen Gleneagles Golf Course, after the state went back-and-forth on rules last week.

Bryan Mineard, the general manager of Gleneagles Golf Course in Twinsburg, said that as of press time, Gleneagles remains closed. 

"We are planning to meet later this week," Mineard said regarding the possibility of reopening the golf course. "We should have a decision by the middle or end of the week." 

After allowing golf courses to remain open at the start of the stay-at-home order, the Ohio Department of Health changed their stance and said golf courses should remained closed.

Then, late Saturday evening, the Ohio Department of Health reversed again.

County Health Departments received the following clarification for golf courses.

"If your golf course is operating as an outdoor recreation opportunity and abiding by all of the social distancing requirements, there is likely not a health concern. However, if the golf course is operating other businesses as part of the operations (restaurants, clubhouse, spa, driving range, putting and practice greens) then you should be prepared to explain why you deem those business operations essential.

Remember, if you are running an essential business, you have a responsibility to make sure that physical distancing and other protective measures are being adhered to."

Section 15 requirements include one person per cart unless people reside together, extended time between tee times, sterilizing golf carts between each use, tee times only by calling and paying ahead, filling or upending golf holes so no one has to touch the flag stick.

Many local courses had already gone above and beyond the requirements, including no scorecards, carts with names of people who prepaid their tee times.

Most courses had already closed so golfers should adhere to the call-ahead-and-pay before venturing to play golf.

Note: Susan Jenior, correspondent, contributed to this article.