The Twinsburg Fire Department recently announced it was limiting access to its fire stations and postponing trainings and other community programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To protect our firefighter/paramedics, we are restricting access to our fire stations from outside visitors and are taking steps to minimize our exposure between our personnel and the public for non-emergent situations," according to a Facebook post from yesterday by the fire department. "As a result, on-site fire inspections, station and mobile truck/med-unit tours, as well as public fire safety education, CPR classes, Fire Explorer program and CERT training have been temporarily suspended."

In addition, representatives from the fire department said that those calling due to a medical emergency will be asked the following:

• Are you running a temperature or feel that you have a fever?

• Do you have chills?

• Do you have difficulty breathing?

• Do you have a persistent cough?

• Do you have any respiratory problems (persistent sneezing, wheezing, congestion or coughing)?

• How severe are your symptoms?

• Have you called your personal physician?

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