Judge Amy Corrigall Jones, Administrative Judge of the Summit County Common Pleas Court General Division announced Tuesday that the following workforce structure will be in place in the General Division through March 27:

Department Staffing (other than judges personal staff)

All supervisors will continue to work on site. All Court Executive Office, Jury, PsychoDiagnostic Clinic, and Specialized Docket staff will continue to work on site.

Felony Arraignments

Arraignments will begin at 9 a.m. (instead of 8 a.m.) for the emergency period. One criminal defense attorney will be "appointed" for each arraignment date to cover all appointed cases. Each arraignment day will have no more than 25 "out of custody" defendants set; all "in custody" defendants will be set as scheduled.

Adult Probation Department

The intake area will be staffed with one secretary to cover phones, walk-in traffic, and to assist courts as needed. The LEADS Coordinator, ORAS, and PSI staff will work on site. Community Service referrals will be placed on hold.

Probation officers will be teleworking and overseeing probationers through email and telephone communication. Officers, as well as supervisors, will be monitoring expiration of supervision dates and processing accordingly. All Adult Probation Department management will work on site.

Pretrial Services Department

Pretrial Services will continue to work on site. There is no change in the bond recommendation structure. A phone interview setting has been implemented as a cautionary measure to protect employees who work at the Summit County Jail.

Employees working from the courthouse will utilize email communication instead of attending municipal court hearings.

Judges Courtrooms/Personal Staff

Unless there is an order from the Governor or the Supreme Court of Ohio, each individual court shall remain open and have staff available to respond to court related inquiries. While some courts may grant permission to personal staff to telework during this period, others may choose to have all of their personal staff remain on site.

Corrigall Jones said these decisions have been made as a proactive approach out of concern for the well-being of the employees and public.

"In an effort to protect our employees and the public, we are limiting the number of people coming into this courthouse," Corrigall Jones said. "The courthouse continues with its daily operations."