Northfield Center Township officials have announced that they are restricting access to the inner staff offices at Township Hall in light of the coronavirus situation.

"Residents are still welcome to visit Township Hall, but we ask them to remain in the main lobby while interacting with staff," said Township Administrator Steve Wright.

"As this situation progresses, the township may take other measures, up to and including closing Township Hall for a defined period of time and/or canceling all public meetings. We will inform our residents as soon as possible, using the normal modes of communication when and if such decisions become necessary."

Wright noted COVID-19 is having a considerable impact on the lives of many. From canceled sporting events to shuttered schools, public officials are trying to make the best decisions to minimize the spread of the illness.

"We in the township are closely monitoring the situation and working with county and state health officials to determine the potential impact on our residents and, accordingly, what measures we should put in place," added Wright.