TWINSBURG – CIMA Plastics Group plans to bring eight to 12 more employees to its Enterprise Parkway facility, and City Council OK’d a Twinsburg Occupancy Program agreement to provide tax incentives to do so at its March 10 meeting.

In addition, Council approved the purchase of four new vehicles for the service and engineering departments.

Director of Planning and Community Development Larry Finch told Council the additional employees would be moved from CIMA Plastics Group’s facility in Kirtland, resulting in additional payroll of $600,000 per year.

The agreement is for three years, and provides an average annual grant amount equal to 50 percent of the additional annual payroll withholding taxes made possible by improvements at the local facility.

In another economic development-related move, Council authorized the modification of a Community Reinvestment Area agreement to designate 8745 Chamberlin Road LLC as the sole owner of a Cornerstone Business Park property occupied by Vistar Ohio.

Finch explained the agreement was OK’d in June 2019, listing Twinsburg Industrial Properties LLC and 8745 Chamberlin Road as the property owners. However, the latter is now the sole owner.

Meanwhile, the four 2020 model vehicles will be purchased from Nick Mayer Ford. They are a Ford T150 utility van ($25,878), Ford F150 4x4 crew cab pickup ($32,613,) Ford F250 4x2 crew cab long bed pickup ($33,466) and Ford F550 4x4 cab pickup ($75,822).

Service Director Chris Campbell said the purchase prices listed include extra costs for items such as rust proofing and mats, cab guards and safety lighting, and a dump bed, plow and salt spreader for the F550. Campbell said the latter purchase was carried over from the 2019 budget.

Funds for the vehicle purchases will come from the capital improvements budget.


The following residents were appointed or reappointed to various boards and commissions: Architectural review – Don Spice and Jennifer Frazier; building and zoning code appeals – Gary Wilner and Ed Kancler; civil service – Paul Nees; parks and rec – Nyall McKenna.

Environmental – Chuck Bonacci, Michael Shuler, Jennifer Coe and Lewis Eaton; Gleneagles advisory – Andrew Chenkus, Lisa Rosenthal, John McArthur, Gregg Rall, Suneeta Mutter, Tricia Frydl and Tom Womer; planning commission – David Kleinman, Marc Cohen and Steve Shebeck.

The permanent appropriations ordinance for 2020 will be on final reading at Council’s March 24 meeting. Total appropriations are $53.23 million.

Council did not oppose a liquor license transfer to Twinsburg Entertainment LLC, which plans to operate a business called The Basement at the former Rav’s Creekside location on Darrow Road.

During department head reports, Campbell informed Council the city has used 3,379 tons of road salt so far this winter, which is considerably lower than normal. He said the roads are in better shape this year because there has not been as much freezing and thawing, plus several roads were repaved in the past couple of years.

Fire Chief Tim Morgan reported his department responded to 249 calls in February, bringing the total for 2020 to 519, which is up 10 percent over last year. He said the causes of February fires at a Gettysburg Drive residence and Taco Bell are being investigated.

Finch reported an initial draft of the revised sign code should be forwarded to Council soon, and work has commenced on updating the city’s comprehensive plan, which will include citizen participation.

Finance Director Sarah Buccigross reported interest earnings for the first two months of 2020 were up about 50 percent over last year.

Councilman Scott Barr urged residents to look out for their neighbors during the coronavirus health crisis, and Councilman Greg Bellan urged residents to view reputable sources for information about the virus.

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