STOW — A 55-unit multi-family development of townhouses is being proposed on the former Ritchie Turkey Farm on Darrow Road.

Greg Modic of Petros Homes, on behalf of Cedar Crest Holdings LLC, sought approval of a site plan and conditional zoning certificate from Stow Planning Commission Tuesday. Council will have to approve the site plan before work could begin.

"We met with [the city’s director of planning and development Rob] Kurtz and the city administration who provided great input to fine tune our plan," Modic said."We’re prepared to meet all conditions."

The planning commission in a 4-0 vote recommended approval with a few conditions. The developer will add a left turn lane out onto Darrow Road, additional sidewalks will be added and guest parking will be spread around the development instead of clustered in one area.

The property is zoned R-2 Residential and multi-family developments are conditionally permitted in the district if approved, said Kurtz.

The 9 acres would have 55 dwelling units which complies with the maximum density of six units per acre, he said. A total of 3.4 acres or 38 percent is proposed to be preserved open space (20 percent minimum required) and two detention areas are planned.

The detention ponds would have some water and would be located in the southeast corner and southwest corner near the entrance, Modic said.

The proposed townhome development would consist of 11 buildings with five units in each building. Each unit would have four parking spaces and 16 additional guest parking spaces.

The two-story townhomes would have vinyl siding and stone accent exterior, Kurtz said. All of them are 1,750 square feet floor area with a 30 foot setback from the road to allow four cars in the driveway in addition to two in the garage. Units also have basements and would have room in the back for decks.

The townhomes have a two-car garage, great room, kitchen and dining room on the first floor and three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor with options.

The units would be available to any age, Modic said. The development would have no street lighting and mailboxes would be clustered.

The entrance/exit into the development would be on Darrow Road opposite Mac Drive. To the north of the development is a cemetery and empty lot and to the south is a cluster of office buildings and parking lot.

Landscaping is planned along Darrow Road and the north and south property lines to supplement the existing trees.

"Our goal is to preserve the existing trees and replace or add trees," Modic said.

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