Crime reports are a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to be all-inclusive. 

• Aurora Police were dispatched on Feb. 27 to South Chillicothe Road for a report of a theft of a wallet. A Cleveland man reported he gave his girlfriend his wallet to put in her purse and when they went to use it ,they discovered it was missing. The wallet contained about $700 cash and various credit cards. The man was notified on his phone that charges to his credit card in the amounts of $367 and $743 were made online. He was advised to contact all his creditors to close the accounts, which he did.

• Aurora Police were dispatched to a residence on Chelmsford Drive on Feb. 27 for a report of an unknown suspect hitting the mailbox overnight. No suspects were located.

• An Aurora man was charged with domestic violence after a man pushed his father on South Sussex Court on Feb. 28. He was placed under arrest, taken to the station for booking and later taken to the Portage County jail without incident.

• An Aurora retailer reported a theft of three pairs of sunglasses valued at about $565 on South Chillicothe Road on Feb. 29.

• Police went to a store on South Chillicothe Road for a report of a private property accident on Feb. 29. A woman reportedly was backing out of her parking spot and hit another car in the passenger side, causing a dent in the door. A police report was completed. Police said there was minimal damage and no injuries report.

• An Aurora man came on station March 2 to report fraudulent activity in his name. While he was applying for a mortgage, he found a student loan and a credit card loan were opened in his name. The accounts were canceled.

• Police went to a local business on Lena Drive on March 2 for a report of a semi-truck blocking the roadway. Upon arrival, they found the driver of the truck was attempting to turn and had gotten stuck in the mud, causing damage to the landscaping of another business. A police report was completed.

• Police were dispatched to a local residence for a report of property damage. The police arrived to speak with the Twinsburg man, who said he had left his trailer at his parents’ residence, and the parents had told him the tires became flat. It’s not known what caused the damage. A report was completed.