CUYAHOGA FALLS — A student who wrote a threatening note that was found inside a Woodridge Middle School restroom on Wednesday has been identified, is being disciplined by school officials and may face criminal charges, according to the school district’s superintendent.

In an all-call message to district homes on Wednesday, Woodridge Local School District superintendent Walter Davis said a student had found a paper in an eighth grade girls’ restroom which was a "written threat aimed at six students whose names [were] written on the paper." The student turned in the document to the principal and district administrators and the police department launched an investigation.

On Thursday evening, Davis delivered an update via the all-call system: "I am pleased to report that the student who wrote the threatening note has been identified. Disciplinary action has been taken at the school level with additional district level consequences forthcoming. In addition, it is likely that the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department will consider charges and consequences along with those already imposed here."

Davis emphasized that district officials take these types of situations "very seriously."

"Many people spend many hours investigating a situation not knowing whether it is real or fake," stated Davis. "Thankfully, this was nothing more than words — with no real plan for any harm to come to anyone. Now, we will work to find ways to provide help to the child who wrote the note — even as we impose discipline."

As he did the day before, Davis urged parents to speak with their children about the issues at hand.

"Leaving threatening notes is not funny and there are very serious consequences for these types of behaviors," said Davis.

He added district leaders will continue to implore students to follow the policy of "see something, say something."

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