STOW — A little after a year since Baumann’s Florist and Greenhouse moved from 4563 Hudson Drive to 3527 Darrow Road, it has closed.

Owner Emily Lipovan said she had a job offer in Texas she couldn’t refuse and closed the building. But if customers call the Baumann number of 330-688-4600, they will be connected to Oregon Corners Florist, 3043 Graham Road in Stow.

Oregon Corners Florist owner Rick Carlyon, who has been in the business for 40 years at the Stow location, said he knew Lipovan.

"If we needed something, we shared flowers and containers so we were friends," Carlyon said. "The new owner Emily moved to Texas and the designers who worked for her worked for us part time and became good friends."

Lipovan told Carlyon she was closing the shop down and asked if his business could take the Baumann phone number. 

Carlyon agreed and offers the same services which can be seen on his website or by calling 330-688-4600.

Carlyon said he’s built up his reputation after years of service. Regular customers may order two or three times a year but holidays like Valentine’s Day bring in a lot of requests. 

Baumann’s Florist and Greenhouse, which had been in Stow since 1980, moved in February 2019. when longtime owners Jim and Carol Baumann sold the business to Emily Lipovan.

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