Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Cuyahoga Falls —


Police officer’s head butted: Police said they charged a Brookpoint Lane woman with fourth-degree felony assault and misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after police responded to a report that the woman was allegedly intoxicated in the lobby of a Front Street hotel late in the evening Feb. 13. Police said that when they approached the woman, she refused to identify herself and screamed, kicked and swung at officers. After her arrest, said police, the woman butted the back of her head into the forehead of a police officer while he was putting her into the back of a police car. The woman was taken to Summit County Jail.

Police officer punched: Police said they charged a Main Street man, 53, with fifth-degree felony assault and misdemeanor resisting arrest after police responded to a report that the man was interfering with city employees conducting a court-ordered cleanup of the man’s property during the afternoon Feb. 13. Police said it was the second time that day they had responded to the man’s home and filed charges against him.

Police said that during the afternoon, it was reported the man was interfering with the workers by yelling at them and climbing up onto a semi trailer and attempting to enter it, where there were tools that could be used as weapons. Police said the man refused to come down off the trailer and while they were getting him down, he punched an officer in the arm and tried to hit the officer a second time but missed. The man continued resisting arrest by pulling away from officers, said police, and he was taken to Summit County Jail.

That morning, said police, the man called 911 at least six times to falsely report the city employees were robbing him. Police said that they repeatedly told the man to stop calling 911 and after he refused to get out of a locked vehicle outside his home, they charged with misdemeanor making false alarms and obstructing official business. At that time, he was given a Stow Municipal Court date and released on a personal bond.

Making false alarms

Gunfight falsely reported: Police said they charged a 26-year-old homeless man with fifth-degree felony making false alarms after he called 911 and falsely reported there was a gunfight at a 13th Street home at about 7:30 p.m. Feb. 13. Police said it was determined the call was made from a State Road service station and police recognized both the man on station video and his voice on the 911 call recording. A warrant was issued for the man’s arrest.


Gun and computer stolen: A Hollywood Avenue man reported Feb. 12 that someone entered his home through an unlocked bedroom window and stole a pistol, a laptop computer, two checkbooks, a fireproof safe, a handmade 18-inch knife and some change all totaling nearly $1,600 in value during the previous two weeks.

Breaking and entering

Motorcycle stolen from garage: A Victor Avenue man reported Feb. 12 that someone stole his approximately $10,000 motorcycle from his unlocked detached garage during the previous nine days.


Catalytic converter thefts reported: Police said they responded to two separated reports of the thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles in the city over a two-day period.

The manager of a Newberry Street business reported Feb. 9 that someone cut the converters off at least six rental trucks while they were parked outside the business during the night. Police said the loss and damage was believed to be as much as $7,000, with the trucks having to be taken out of service.

An Americana Drive man reported Feb. 11 that someone stole the estimated $50 catalytic converter off a work van owned by his Stow employer while it was parked outside his apartment since the day before.