In a letter dated Tuesday, Twinsburg Superintendent Kathi Powers informed parents and guardians how the robbing of a student by two juveniles was handled by the district and local authorities.

Powers informed that on Friday, Jan. 17, a high school student was confronted by two other juveniles in the parking lot across the street from Twinsburg High School after dismissal. The student, who was not named in the letter, was robbed but not injured. The two juveniles that allegedly robbed him, who were also not identified, ran away from the scene.

One of the juveniles allegedly involved was identified as a Twinsburg High School student, Powers continued. The Twinsburg Police Department was notified and immediately began an investigation. A warrant was issued for the arrest of the two juveniles. They turned themselves in and were arrested on Jan. 22. They were charged with delinquency by way of aggravated robbery, a felony.

According to the letter, the juveniles were transported to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center in Akron. The one identified as a Twinsburg High School student also faces disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, Powers wrote.

"I sincerely appreciate the expeditious measures taken by the Twinsburg Police Department to ensure that this incident was addressed without delay," Powers wrote. "I also appreciate the expeditious manner in which our high school administrators and security staff addressed this situation."

Senior leadership from the Twinsburg Police Department, Powers explained, asked the district to not release any information so the case and its investigation were not hindered. The information was released after permission was given.

Powers closed the letter by assuring the safety of students and staff members in the Twinsburg School District is of the utmost importance. Those who do not follow the Student Code of Conduct and others who choose to trespass on district property will be disciplined accordingly.

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