NORTHFIELD CENTER – Trash and recycling collection rates will not rise beyond what they are contractually slated to be in 2020 after township trustees did not approve Kimble Recycling & Disposal’s request to raise them by a combined 65 cents per month.

Kimble had requested the additional 65 cents to be in effect from Dec. 1, 2019 to Nov. 30, 2020. The household rate for refuse collection would have been increased by 5 cents per month (60 cents per year) and the rate for recyclables pickup would have risen by 60 cents per month ($7.20 per year).

The combined monthly rates for 2020 thus will remain at the contracted amounts of $14.34 per month (up from 2019’s $13.92) for regular curbside pickup, $13.74 (up from $13.32) for senior citizens curbside service, $28.34 (up from $27.92) for backyard pickup and $26.34 (up from $25.92) for handicapped backyard pickup.

Township Administrator Steve Wright said since the requested increases were not contractually required, trustees did not want residents to have to bear an additional increase to offset Kimble’s increased operating costs.

In November, Kimble representative Don Johnson said the increase request was due to a handful of factors. First, Ohio’s transportation budget for the next two years includes a 10.5-cent per gallon tax increase for gasoline and as 19-cent per gallon tax hike for diesel fuel.

"There also will be a five-year phase-in to establish a compressed natural gas tax rate at the same level as the diesel rate, starting at 10 cents per gallon," Johnson. "In addition, Twinsburg Township recently increased the fee for trash disposal through our facility by 7 cents per ton."

He noted the mandated government increases are beyond Kimble’s control, while the recycling increase is largely because of China’s ban on the importation of all but the highest quality recycled products, which has significantly decreased revenues. "Other factors, including raw material contamination, have increased processing costs," he said.

Other business

In park matters, trustees recently authorized Wright to request engineering assistance from Summit County to commence design of a stormwater pond or ponds at Crestwood Park in the Bluebird Knolls subdivision.

They also officially accepted a $114,885 Ohio NatureWorks grant for improvements at Beacon Hills Park, and approved paying $750 to Apex Land Surveying to complete a survey of that property.

A county engineer’s office study recommended the township proceed with the design phase for construction of a stormwater pond or ponds at Beacon Hills Park as part of a ditch petition being considered by Summit County Council, along with improving the downstream drainage system.

The study concluded improvement and perpetual maintenance of a stormwater outlet to Highland Road "is essential to the proper function of the proposed stormwater basin(s)." It noted funding for county implementation of the ditch petition process may be dependent on the township joining the county’s stormwater management district.

Two public hearings were scheduled for March 2 and 9 to discuss how the township can implement an additional $5 permissive motor vehicle license fee, and trustees approved $12,000 to be taken from the fire/other fund for anticipated 2020 fire expenditures.

Service Director Rick Youel has been authorized to use a $500 Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority MORE (Managing Ohio Risk Exposures) grant to purchase lifting chains and straps for the service garage, and trustees approved encashment of 68 hours of unused vacation hours for John Horn.

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