TWINSBURG — A hearing is expected next month for two 17-year-old males charged with armed robbery.

The teens are accused of using an unknown type of firearm against a 16-year-old male on Jan. 17 in the parking lot near the high school and fitness center. They will have a probably cause hearing March 3 before Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio, according Summit County Juvenile Court records. This hearing will determine whether the case will be bound over to the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.

Twinsburg police Assistant Chief Robert Gonsiewski said the alleged armed robbery took place in the back parking lot of the high school and the fitness center. Reported stolen were an Apple iPhone and a small amount of cash. Video provided from the high school and fitness center were entered into evidence.

"The two 17 year old suspects were arrested after they turned themselves in to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center on Jan. 22," Gonsiewski said. "One suspect was from Twinsburg and the other was from Akron. They were charged with delinquency by reason of aggravated robbery. The suspects claimed it was a BB gun, but the weapon was not recovered."

Kathryn Powers, superintendent of the Twinsburg schools, said that the reported victim and the suspect from Twinsburg attended Twinsburg High School.

"The Twinsburg High School student has also had disciplinary consequences administered per the Student Code of Conduct," Powers said. "In this particular situation, senior leadership from the Twinsburg Police Department asked District officials not to release any information so as to not hinder the investigation and the case. District officials complied fully with this request."

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