REMINDERVILLE — There were no injuries reported, and no charges filed in a Feb. 12 incident, when a Ford SUV plowed into a Glenwood Drive store.

Lt. Jaime Siegfried said that a 70-year-old Twinsburg woman had pulled into the store and was heading to the parking space, when someone reportedly walked in front of that space.

"She got confused, and hit the gas instead of the brakes," Siegfried said. "The car went half in, half out. She, nor anyone in store, were injured."

Siegfried said the station got the call around 10:30 a.m. about the incident. The woman voluntarily went back to the police station for testing, and the lieutenant said all of her results "came back OK." As a result, and because the incident occurred on private property, no charges were filed.

The woman was transported back to the Drug Mart, where her husband picked her up.

Drug Mart closed temporarily for a short period that day, but is reopened.

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