Crime reports are a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to be all-inclusive.

• A North Royalton woman reported on Feb. 5 a piece of her Aurora mother's jewelry has been missing since her mother died. The woman said that several people had been in her mother's Bounty Road home while she was ill and there are no known suspects. The value of the item isn't known. A police report was completed.

• A Florida man was reported for allegedly passing a school bus that had its lights illuminated on East Garfield Road on Feb. 6.

• A woman reported her ex-husband had inappropriate lyrics on social media on Feb. 7. Police completed a report but told her it was a civil matter.

• Police conducted a welfare check at an assisted living facility on South Chillicothe Road on Feb. 8. An elderly Aurora woman was found wandering around a parking lot by a plow truck driver. Officers and staff members from the assisted living facility convinced her to go back inside and staff said she will be watched.

• Police received a lost key at a local business on West Garfield Road on Feb. 9. The key was placed into safekeeping.

• Police responded to a domestic argument on Feb. 11 on Bramble Lane. The couple agreed to separate for the night.