Police reports are a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. They are not intended to be all-inclusive.

• Officers responded to a Trails End home on Jan. 29 for a report of two men walking around the grounds looking into windows and who had loaded stones from the yard into their truck. Police found the men were contractors. The homeowner told police the stones belonged to him. It was found there was a civil issue involved and the parties should reach an agreement on their own.

• An Emerald Court woman reported a credit card company contacted her and said someone had attempted to open a credit card in her name on Feb. 4. The woman said the account was closed and she would not be held liable for the $700 account. Police completed a report.

• A Chatham Drive woman reported she received a suspicious package Feb. 4. She said she did not known who the package belonged to and she did not order anything. The package was tagged and placed into evidence.

• An Aurora man came on station Feb. 3 to report fraudulent activity on his debit card. Someone attempted to buy a total of $885 worth of online items. The charges were blocked by the bank.

• Officers took a report of a theft of 24 pairs of jeans worth a total of $2,640 on South Chillicothe Road on Jan. 30. Officers checked the area but were unable to find the four suspects.

• A Dogwood Trail woman reported on Jan. 31 her jewelry was stolen. The woman said she had not had any work done in her home and does not know of anyone who would have taken the jewelry from her. She promised to contact police if it turns up.

• An Aurora Service Department employee brought in a musical instrument found by the roadside on North Chillicothe Road on Jan. 31. The instrument was placed into evidence for safekeeping.