TALLMADGE — On Christmas Day, Kelsey Knutty and her husband of Cleveland were visiting her parents in Tallmadge, where she grew up.

During the visit, one of her two dogs ran away.

Beasley is a 2-year-old male boxer mix that Knutty rescued in September. He weighed 56 pounds before he ran away on Christmas Day.

“He was sweet and scared,” Knutty said. “We don’t know his background. We enjoyed him for a few months and were showing him love and a new life. He was starting to open up and become comfortable around people before he ran away.”

Beasley was last seen on East Avenue between Ernest Drive and Parker Lane, Knutty said. He has been spotted in the same area since running away.

He is skittish but not aggressive, she said. Do not chase him because he will run away. He may get into an open car door for safety or hide under a porch or in small spaces. Homeowners in the area should check in garages, barns, sheds, decks or wood piles where he may hide.

Knutty said she is concerned because of the cold weather and Beasley finding food and water. 

“He may have lived on the streets and has survival skills that make it harder to find him,” she said. “He has an ID chip but not a GPS chip.”

If seen, call Kelsey at 330-697-0054 so they can track his movements. Golden Treasure Rescue and Rubber City Rescue are helping to capture him using cameras and large traps.  

Gannett reporter Laura Freeman can be reached at 330-541-9434 or lfreeman@recordpub.com