Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Cuyahoga Falls —

Breaking and entering

Vending machine stolen: An Akron man reported Feb. 1 that someone broke into a Main Street warehouse that he owns by smashing a window and stole a $5,000 antique vending machine. The man said someone also broke a window of a vintage car stored in the warehouse. Police said damages were estimated at $500.

Alcohol stolen: A Cuyahoga Falls woman reported Jan. 25 that someone broke into her Akron-Peninsula Road storage unit and stole seven bottles of alcohol totaling about $160 in value sometime earlier in the month. Police said there was no damage to the unit’s door or locks.


Incidents believed related: Police said they believe reports of a burglary, a breaking and entering and thefts from several unlocked vehicles parked outside homes on 11th and 12th streets during the night Jan. 30 are related.

An 11th Street man reported someone entered his home through an unlocked rear window and stole his wallet. Police said the wallet and several cards in it were found outside the home, but the man said $150 was missing.

A 12th Street woman reported someone took tools of unknown value from an unlocked workshop behind her home and items totaling about $30 in value from her unlocked vehicle while it was parked outside the home.

A 12th Street man and woman reported someone took a wallet and purse totaling about $150 in value from two vehicles parked outside their home. The woman said there had been several credit and bank cards in the wallet, but they were canceled with no fraudulent charges reported.

An 11th man reported someone entered his vehicle, but nothing appeared to be missing.


Thefts from vehicles reported: At least five city residents reported thefts from vehicles while they were parked outside their homes during the night in late January and police said they believe three Americana Drive incidents reported Jan. 30 were related.

An Americana woman reported someone took a bank card and a credit card from her unlocked vehicle and another Americana woman reported someone took a $60 money order and some change from her unlocked vehicle. Fraudulent charges to the cards were not reported. A third Americana woman reported someone took a $5 adapter from her vehicle. The woman said she believed the vehicle’s doors were locked, but police said there were no signs of forced entry.

In other areas, two residents reported Jan. 28 that someone stole items from their unlocked vehicles. An Eakins Road man reported someone took a bank card and $120 from his vehicle and a 17th Street man reported someone took a hat, a toll pass, ear buds and flashlights totaling about $100 in value from his vehicle.

Necklace stolen from boot: A Pauline Court man reported someone stole an approximately $250 necklace that he had hidden in a boot while he was at the Natatorium during the morning Jan. 30.

Identity fraud

Transactions reported: A Filmore Avenue man reported Jan. 28 that someone made nearly $900 in fraudulent transactions involving his bank account earlier in the month. The man said he reported the matter to the bank and the account was closed.

Public indecency

Male exposed himself: A Cuyahoga Falls woman reported that while she was in her vehicle in a Main Street parking lot at a little before 3 p.m. Jan. 28, an unknown male parked his vehicle next to her, exposed himself to her and drove away.