Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —

Juvenile report

Children retrieving camera: Police said they responded to a report of two children of unspecified ages apparently playing in a creek that runs under Munroe Falls Avenue near City Hall at about 4 p.m. Dec. 27. Police said they then helped the children retrieve a waterproof camera they had dropped into the water under the bridge between the City Hall and Guise Park parking lots.

Injured animal

Deer seen running away: Police said that after they responded to a report of an injured deer in the area of Lindsey Road during the late afternoon Dec. 27, they saw that the deer’s rear leg appeared to be injured, but it was still able to run and they cleared the scene.


Men asked to see energy bill: Police said that after a Northmoreland Avenue resident reported two men had asked to see the resident’s energy bill during the late afternoon Dec. 27, they found the two men at another Northmoreland home and determined the men worked for an energy company and were asking residents to show them their energy bills to see if they could save them money.

Package was delivered: Police said that after a Mulberry Lane woman reported finding a suspicious package outside her home Dec. 21, they determined the package had been delivered to the home and it checked out OK.

Noise complaint

Bangs believed to be fireworks: Police said that after they responded to a report of loud bangs in the area of Silver Valley Boulevard and Trudy Avenue at about 9:45 p.m. Dec. 26, residents found outside their homes told them someone had been setting off fireworks down the street, but had stopped before police arrived. Police said they were unable to locate exactly where the fireworks were being shot off.

Special detail

Package seen on pond: Police said a passerby reported seeing what appeared to be a Christmas package in the middle of an ice-covered pond in the area of Falls River and Chase drives during the late afternoon Dec. 22 and was concerned a child might walk out onto the ice to get it. Police said that with the help of the fire department, they were able to retrieve the package and found it was an empty box.

— Stow —

Curfew violation

Girls seen under light: Police said they charged two Stow girls, both 14, with violating curfew after police saw them standing under an overhead light in a church parking lot in Graham Road’s 2400 block at about 1:50 a.m. Dec. 31. The girls told police their parents did not know they were out. The girls were referred to Stow Youth Services in lieu of filing the charge in Summit County Juvenile Court and both were released to adult relatives.


Cart filled with merchandise: A 17-year-old Stow girl was charged with misdemeanor theft after an employee of a store in Hudson Drive reported the girl filled a shopping cart with miscellaneous merchandise totaling about $820 in value and then left the store without paying for it Dec. 24. Police said a relative came to the store and took the girl home before police arrived, but the employee had identified the girl. Police contacted the girl’s father and informed him of the charge. She was referred to Stow Youth Services in lieu of filing the charge in Summit County Juvenile Court. She was not taken into custody.

Operating a vehicle

under the influence

Woman charged following crash: A Hillcrest Drive woman, 60, was charged with misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, blood alcohol content and failure to control following a single-vehicle crash at the corner of Graham Road and Oneida Street at a little after 7 p.m. Dec. 22.

No injuries were reported. Police said the woman had been when westbound on Graham when, while making a left turn onto Oneida, she lost control, struck a street sign on the west corner and then a utility pole. The woman’s BAC measured at 0.163 percent, more than twice the 0.08-percent legal limit. The woman was given a Stow Municipal Court date and released on a personal bond.